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Aaron was born in Ogden, Utah and grew up in Lewiston, Utah. Having a mother with a musical background, he started playing cello in the 6th grade, up through 12th grade. Around the age of 14, his mother gave him her old acoustic guitar and he started to learn how to play on his own. Using guitar tablature books from his favorite bands like Oasis, Radiohead and R.E.M., he fell in love with playing guitar. Soon after, he started to self teach himself how to sing by singing along with the radio and eventually his guitar playing. When he was 15, he moved to Tampa, Florida where he now resides. He wrote his first song at the age of 16 and has since written 14 more, progressively getting better at his craft. When Aaron was still in his senior year in High School, he began working & living on his own. Never being able to work on music full time, he played music whenever he could, mostly at open mic shows at local bars in Tampa and even hosted many of them. Aaron also loves singing Karaoke and has entered a few contests and took 1st place in one of them. During his years playing in the local music scene, he has met many great musicians with hopes of starting a band, but currently is solo. Within the past few years, Aaron has started playing more shows at other local venues, with hopes that one day he will be able to work on music full time and have his music be heard by the masses.

He is being promoted by FEN Entertainment (, which is run by his good friend Darren Torres aka Analysis489 (, who he met along his musical journey. If you would like to book Aaron to play or for any comments, please send an email HERE.

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