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Video Recordings
by Aaron Field

To watch a video, click one of the song titles and it should open up Aaron's YouTube channel.
To view a video in HD once the video is open and playing, click where it displays "360p" at
the bottom right hand corner of the video and choose 720p or 1080p. The arrow box next to
that will maximize the video to full screen.

Live Cover Song Videos

  • Better Man  (Pearl Jam)
  • Darwin's Children  (Edwin McCain)
  • Do You Know  (Tonic)
  • Fairwell To Tinkerbell  (Edwin McCain)
  • Half-Life  (Duncan Sheik)
  • Head On Straight  (Tonic)
  • I Want It All  (Edwin McCain)
  • I'll Be  (Edwin McCain)
  • If You Could Only See  (Tonic)
  • If You're Gonna Leave  (Emerson Hart)
  • Karma Police  (Radiohead)
  • Live Forever  (Oasis)
  • Outside  (Aaron Lewis of Staind)
  • Talk Tonight  (Oasis)
  • Throw It All Away  (Edwin McCain)
  • Walk Out  (Matthew Sweet)
  • Where Did It All Go Wrong?  (Oasis)
  • Wonderwall  (Oasis)
    Live Original Song Videos

  • Arrival
  • The Air I Breathe
  • Emily's Cryin'
  • The Game
  • I Don't Need You Anymore
  • I'd Forgive You
  • Make A Change
  • Such Is Life
  • To Be With Me

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